“I’m actually getting a little emotional right now because this feels like hope, like finally the right direction.”

How does Ixcela work?

Personalized guidance paired with testing.

Step 1

Take the Ixcela Internal
Fitness™ Test at home.

The Ixcela test is a simple pinprick blood test (about five drops of blood) that you take at home. Results post to your online account in about 10 days.

Step 2

Meet with an Ixcela
registered dietitian.

Our experts will explain your results and help you prioritize what you need to do based on your goals and lifestyle. No more guessing!

Step 3

Implement your personalized recommendations.

Transform your health by following the recommendations listed in your results or by working with one of our dietitians for 90 days. They will guide you every step of the way.

Hear how the Ixcela process works.

Watch this video to get a brief overview of what to expect when working with Ixcela. You have a variety of options depending on your goals. You can always contact our friendly customer support team if you have additional questions.

Ixcela technology is used and trusted by medical professionals including:

Emeran A. Mayer, MD
Gastroenterologist and Neuroscientist

Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD
Internal Medicine

Travis Wilkes, MD
Medical Director

Ixcela tests how well your gut is functioning to support the needs of your body.

Rather than counting how many bacteria are in your gut microbiome or identifying what types are in there, we believe it’s more important to understand if those bacteria are doing their job. That’s why Ixcela measures the output of bacteria—things like serotonin, tryptophan, and indole-3-propionic acid.

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Have you ever wondered why brain fog happens?

CEO and co-founder of Ixcela, Erika Ebbel Angle, PhD, explains what is happening in the brain and the gut microbiome that causes symptoms related to brain fog. Simply eating more protein could help alleviate this issue.