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You’ve taken the first step toward gut health by submitting your Ixcela test kit and then diving into the Ixcela Recipe library. So what’s next?! After you put together your playlist and replace your old loafers with a new pair of supportive workout sneakers, you are ready to dive into your Ixcela Fitness plan and the exclusive Ixcela Exercise Library.

Beginning your exercise plan can feel overwhelming, but Ixcela has laid out all the details. Ixcela gives you all the resources to support your new exercise journey: warm-up, strength training (also known as PRT or Progressive Resistance Training), metabolic conditioning, personalized work-on exercises—and so much more. The Exercise Library contains more than 120 instructive videos, including warm-up videos, a variety of at-home workouts, and workouts to target specific muscle groups.

Starting an exercise routine is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. Take time to get to know your recommended plan and start where you feel most comfortable. Your first weeks might include only a few days of exercise, but that is a huge accomplishment. Focus on your daily progress and remember that some exercise is better than no exercise.

This is also a good time to talk to your physician and make sure it is safe for you to do the variety of workouts recommended in your new fitness plan.

1. Review Your Fitness Recommendations

You’ll find an overview of your recommendations on your results page. By clicking on “Your Recommendations,” you will find the Simple Steps to Improve page with an overview of your Ixcela eating, fitness, and mindfulness plan.

For the best experience, we recommend viewing this report using the latest of Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer.

Under the BODY section of this page, you will see a weeklong exercise plan that includes a combination of progressive resistance training (PRT), high-intensity interval training (HIIT), varied-intensity interval training (VIIT), and metabolic conditioning. Review the 7-day exercise plan to get an idea of the type of exercise and duration you will be aiming to complete each week.

2. Get a Better Understanding of Your Personalized Plan

You will notice that your Ixcela recommendations include detailed workouts for the PRT, HIIT, and VIIT exercises. Each type of exercise is explained in detail within the fitness recommendations portion of your report.

3. Print Your PRT Program

The Progressive Resistance Training (PRT) Program is the strength training portion of the plan. It includes exercises and the corresponding number of reps and sets to complete. We recommend printing these pages and bringing them to the gym with you to record the load used for each exercise. Need some help getting started with your PRT plan? Watch the Ixcela Fitness Program Video.

4. Go to the Ixcela Exercise Library

Your exercise clothes are on, your playlist is ready, and your new sneakers are laced up just right, but you still need a little extra guidance. The Ixcela Exercise Library makes it easy for you to build confidence in your new fitness plan.

Once you are in the exercise library, you can filter exercises by body part or search for the exercise by name. You’ll also notice a tab for “Workouts,” which is where you’ll find the work-on exercises and at-home workout videos.

The Ixcela Exercise Library is a helpful resource to use throughout your entire 8-week exercise plan. Ixcela Assess customers have access to the exercise library for 30 days. In addition to access to the exercise library, Ixcela Complete membership includes personalized supplements and additional test kits. To upgrade, log into your account and subscribe to Ixcela Complete to maximize your progress!

5. Search Your Exercises

While you watch the exercise videos, take note of the coaching points and common errors. Consider rewatching the videos two or three times until you are comfortable with the movement and proper form.

6. Explore Exercise Library Features

Take full advantage of the exercise library videos by exploring the exercises included in your PRT plan as well as a few of the workout videos. Under the “Workouts” section, you will find a variety of targeted muscle groups to utilize for the “work on” portion of your plan.

The “work-on” exercises included in your report are based on the targeted body part you chose to focus on in your health questionnaire, but you will have access to all of the work-on videos. After a few weeks of focusing on one muscle group, you can utilize the other work-on videos to add variety to your fitness plan.

Here are a few more tips on how to get the most out of the Ixcela Exercise Library:

  1. Add an at-home workout to a day when you don’t have time to make it the gym.
  2. Use at-home workouts when you’re traveling since they don’t require any equipment.
  3. Switch up your routine or add a work-on exercise to target a different muscle group.
  4. Avoid injury by warming up and cooling down before and after exercise!

The Ixcela Exercise Library is always there for you to reference when you are a member of the Ixcela Complete program. Each time you retest, your workout plan will be updated to accommodate your unique gut health and fitness needs, and you can use the library to master your new exercises. Remember, your fitness plan was built for you! That means these are the exercises that will most benefit you and your goals. Ixcela’s resources are here to support each aspect of your journey toward optimal fitness.

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Ixcela helps individuals measure and improve their internal wellness. Using a simple pinprick blood test, Ixcela measures key metabolites and then makes personalized recommendations to improve gut health through exercise, dietary habits, and supplements.