Simplified 1-Week AIP Elimination Diet Sample Meal Plan

What is an AIP diet?

The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet is an elimination diet used to support individuals whose symptoms may be caused by specific foods. The goal of the diet is to identify which foods are causing a person’s symptoms. The AIP diet is split into two phases: elimination and reintroduction.

  • Phase 1: Elimination (Minimum 30 days)
    • Eliminate all foods that are not AIP-compliant.
    • Maintenance/continuation of Elimination: minimum 30 days, best results when followed for 60–90 days
    • Retest using Ixcela
  • Phase 2: Reintroduction (After elimination phase is completed. Begins on day 31, 61, or 91.)
    • Slowly reintroduce one food per week and assess for symptoms.
      • Eat a very small amount of the food and wait 20–30 minutes.
      • If you feel OK, go ahead and eat a bit more until satisfied.
      • For the next 5 days, don't eat any more of that food and eat just like you were during the elimination phase.
      • If you feel just as good as you did before reintroducing the food, it is OK to consume the food. If you feel worse, you can add the food to your “irritant” list.
      • Repeat until all food groups have been tested.
      • Incorporate what you've learned into your new lifestyle. Avoid foods that cause distress and focus on foods that allow you to feel your best.

Elimination Phase

During the elimination phase, all foods suspected of causing inflammation are removed from the diet. These include grains, legumes, dairy, sugars, alcohol, nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers), food additives, and others. Complete elimination of these foods is advised, especially when attempting to alleviate symptoms related to an autoimmune disease.

The diet for this phase includes nutrient-dense foods like:

  • Bone broth
  • Colorful vegetables on the approved foods list
  • High-quality meats and fats
  • Fatty fish and shellfish
  • Fermented foods

To get the full benefit from the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet, the complete diet should be carefully followed for at least 30 days. For more information, refer to our foods to include and foods to exclude list.

Retest using Ixcela prior to the reintroduction phase to assess if the population and diversity of the gut has improved and ensure there is no dysbiosis (gut bacteria imbalance). Certain metabolites above or below optimal levels are commonly associated with dysbiosis. For example, low levels of indole-3-propionic acid (IPA) are often associated with “leaky gut.” 

Reintroduction Phase

By reintroducing one food at a time, it is easy to identify which foods cause adverse effects and then avoid those foods or include them only as tolerated. We recommend using a food journal to record what you eat, how you feel, and which foods are well tolerated and which cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Sample Meal Plan

During the elimination phase of the AIP diet, use the menu below and its corresponding recipes (many of which are from the Ixcela Recipe Library) as a guide for incorporating new dishes into your routine. A wide variety of foods and recipes are included to provide options for each meal of the day. You can repeat these recipes in any order over the next 4–6 weeks or search the recipe library to find even more recipes that fit the autoimmune protocol. Swap meals and make changes as it fits your dietary preference and cooking ability. You can repeat meals, use leftovers, or simplify the ingredients. If you follow the menu provided, our shopping list will guide you through the grocery store so you can pick up everything you need and get started right away.

Download this blank template to create your own AIP menu.

For meal prep tips and tricks, check out Mastering Meal Prep.

Menu for Elimination Phase 

Click here to download the PDF version of the example AIP menu

Shopping List

Click here to download the PDF version of the example AIP shopping list

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