Mitch Eger

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Mitch Eger is passionate about health and wellness, customer experience strategy, and building great brands. Mitch brings a wide array of skills to our team, including logo design, website design, business strategy, marketing, and SEO. A former personal trainer, Mitch is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and holds a certification in Precision Nutrition level 1 (PN1). In 2018, he earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and while in college he created a social-media-based fitness company and worked as a product manager for a software start-up. As a lifelong athlete, Mitch excels at working with teammates to adapt to and overcome challenging situations. He enjoys learning new things and is always listening to podcasts and reading about emerging tech and advancements in business and design. In his free time, Mitch enjoys playing soccer and competing in Spartan races.