A simple pinprick and 45 minutes with one of our registered dietitians could forever change how you feel and perform.

Ixcela helps you
achieve your best.

Some people spend a lifetime and a small fortune trying to figure out how to feel better and perform better. Other people float from the latest solution to the next without much success. This is because everyone’s body, especially their gut health, is unique.

Ixcela is the only gut microbiome program that combines at-home pinprick blood testing with a virtual results review with a Registered Dietitian to create a personalized action plan based on your data, your goals, and your willingness to change. No more guessing!

How can Ixcela help you?

  • Get support after coming up empty time and time again
  • Support your health during pregnancy
  • Better manage your menopause symptoms
  • Support your thyroid health
  • Reduce bloating, cramping, or constipation
  • Better manage your food sensitivities
  • Improve your gut health
  • Figure out if you are eating the right foods for your body

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“I've been working to improve my health for decades.”

“I’ve been looking for ways to improve my health after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism 20 years ago. Over the past 20 years, I have spent a huge amount of money trying to improve my health situation. Most of it has been unsuccessful, until Ixcela.”

Ixcela technology is used and trusted by medical professionals including:

Emeran A. Mayer, MD
Gastroenterologist and Neuroscientist

Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD
Internal Medicine

Travis Wilkes, MD
Medical Director

“I thought I was eating plenty of protein for my pregnancy.”

“During the first trimester, I felt exhausted and very nauseous. As someone who was already eating a well-balanced diet and paying attention to my health, I was surprised to learn from my Ixcela results that I wasn’t eating enough protein to keep up with my body’s changing needs.”

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