Revolutionizing the Wellness Landscape

Erika Inspired to Help

Inspired to Help
Co-founders Erika Angle, Ph.D. and Wayne Matson, Ph.D. first met in 2004 and quickly became lab collaborators. Erika was inspired by Wayne’s development of technology used to identify small molecules to address the root causes of illness, and wanted to apply his research to help the world. Her Ph.D. thesis broke new ground by identifying metabolomic differences between individuals with neurodegenerative diseases and those without, providing new insights into treatment options.

Erika and Wayne Transforming an Idea

Transforming an Idea
As her research progressed, Erika realized that it was possible to use the technology Wayne developed to characterize a person’s “Internal Fitness.” With that information in hand, a personalized program could be developed to rapidly aid individuals suffering from a range of issues from GI issues to fatigue. Inspired to begin an entrepreneurial journey, Erika and Wayne created a company focused on personalized intervention powered by metabolomics. Ixcela was born.

CLIA Certified Lab Breaking Ground

Breaking New Ground
Over the past ten years Ixcela has broken ground on a number of fronts. We narrowed down thousands of potential metabolites to 11 based on extensive research and transformed a costly academic testing process into a CLIA-approved, low-cost pinprick blood test capable of quickly and reliably measuring these 11 metabolites. We have developed an AI-driven system that uses data from this blood test as foundational input for creating a personalized program proven to be effective at improving a person’s Internal Fitness.

Ixcela Data Tracker

Amplifying Impact
We have augmented testing with specially trained registered dietitians who help individuals balance their bodies’ needs with their lifestyles. Through retesting and follow-up meetings we’ve been able to track our clients’ progress to further their successes. To date, we have helped thousands of individuals improve chronic conditions, allowing them to work and feel better.

“While the recommendations may seem simple, they are not always easy or intuitive. That’s why we take special care to have one-on-one guidance with a registered dietitian to explain your results and prioritize what to do that’s going to be realistic, so that you can push your body to do more.”

Erika Ebbel Angle, PhD