Ixcela can help you to:

Ixcela is not just another biomarker test.

Your Ixcela results and dietitian session can reveal:

A damaged or imbalanced gut

Missing key nutrients

Insufficient recovery habits

Poor sleep quality

Excessive stress

Too much caffeine

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Outcomes Matter

Our team of registered dietitians helped our athletes achieve amazing results.
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    Ixcela technology is used and trusted by medical professionals including:

    Emeran A. Mayer, MD
    Gastroenterologist and Neuroscientist

    Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD
    Internal Medicine

    Travis Wilkes, MD
    Medical Director

    Ixcela’s technology is based on 60+ years of research

    Founded by MIT biochemists Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle and Dr. Wayne Matson, Ixcela’s patented approach to assessing the functionality of the gut goes beyond the standard doctor’s office blood panel.

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