A simple pinprick and an hour with our experts could forever change how you feel and perform.

Ixcela helps high performers live their best.

Ixcela’s test uses decades of rigorous gut health science to give you a simple set of scores that you can measure and manage your life with. They match you with empathetic experts who help you come up with a set of surprisingly simple changes in how you eat, drink, and live that make a dramatic difference in how you feel day-to-day and your long-term health.

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Customer Stories: Making a Difference

College athlete Katie battled stomachaches and intense nausea, but doctors said there was nothing wrong with her.

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Triathlete Hayden had severe bloating, cramping, and GI issues that were affecting his training and race performance.

Read Hayden's Story

Paul wanted to maximize his chance of qualifying for the Olympics but missing training days were affecting his goal.

Read Paul's Story

How does Ixcela work?

Personalized guidance paired with testing.

Step 1

Take the Ixcela Internal
Fitness™ Test at home.

The Ixcela test is a simple pinprick blood test (about five drops of blood) that you take at home. Results post to your online account in about 10 days.

Step 2

Meet with an Ixcela
registered dietitian.

Our experts will explain your results and help you prioritize what you need to do based on your goals and lifestyle. No more guessing!

Step 3

Implement your personalized recommendations.

Transform your health by following the recommendations listed in your results or by working with one of our dietitians for 90 days. They will guide you every step of the way.

Find out how Ixcela can help you achieve your goals.

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