Optimizing your health begins in your gut

Can the Ixcela test help me?

  • Are you looking to strengthen your immune system?
  • Are you a professional who needs to be at peak cognitive ability?
  • Are you an athlete on a quest for improved recovery and performance?
  • Are you facing a weight-loss plateau?
  • Are you committed to preventative care and lifelong wellness?
  • Are you struggling with “gut stuff,” such as bloating, cramping, constipation?
  • Are you looking to find natural ways to improve the quality of your sleep?
  • Are you seeking a natural way to support your emotional health?
  • Are you a biohacker investigating every possible path to optimal vitality?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Ixcela is a good tool for you. Find out more.

How does it work?

Order kit

The gut microbiome test kit is shipped to you

Take your sample

Use our simple, at-home, pinprick blood test

Mail it to us

Send back the sample in a prepaid envelope

Get results

Access your scores and recommendations online

What you get with Ixcela

Using just a pinprick of blood, Ixcela measures gut-specific metabolites to provide a personalized wellness plan that helps you feel and look great.

“It has been an amazing journey. I surpassed all of my health goals and feel great! One thing I would love to share is how impressed I am with Ixcela Complete subscription. I have colitis and tried many things over the years but nothing really worked. To my surprise, I felt better after incorporating the nutrition, fitness, and supplement recommendations in my report. ”


“For those in pursuit of health and mental optimization, there’s never a lack of tests, swabs, and feedback loops. Ixcela eliminates the confusion by creating a consolidated, easy to read health synopsis with a user-friendly action plan allowing you to reach your optimal performance levels.”


Results Include Scores in 5 Areas of Health

How to take your sample

Curious what the Ixcela microbiome test kit looks like? We can show you! Check out this quick video of how to collect the small pinprick blood sample.