“Ixcela helped me realize I wasn’t eating enough protein for my pregnancy.”

Don’t let your life ambitions get derailed by biology.

Mike took the Ixcela test because he was looking for answers about his poor muscle recovery and inability to lose weight.

As a former professional athlete, Mike knew how to train. But at age 50, his body just did not perform the way it used to. After testing and meeting with an Ixcela dietitian, he had a new game plan.

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Before Ixcela, Cynthia was on the verge of burnout and was considering a leave of absence.

Due to working long hours and being constantly overbooked, Cynthia was constantly overwhelmed. After meeting with an Ixcela dietitian to discuss her test results, Cynthia learned some simple swaps that would help her take control of her health.

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Jane struggled to lose weight. She felt like she was constantly fighting against herself.

Jane wanted to exercise more and eat better, but she couldn’t find the energy to commit to a plan or the motivation to exercise in the evening. Her Ixcela results and personalized plan highlighted an approach that worked better for her.

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How does Ixcela work?

Personalized guidance paired with testing.

Step 1

Take the Ixcela Internal
Fitness™ Test at home.

The Ixcela test is a simple pinprick blood test (about five drops of blood) that you take at home. Results post to your online account in about 10 days.

Step 2

Meet with an Ixcela
registered dietitian.

Our experts will explain your results and help you prioritize what you need to do based on your goals and lifestyle. No more guessing!

Step 3

Implement your personalized recommendations.

Transform your health by following the recommendations listed in your results or by working with one of our dietitians for 90 days. They will guide you every step of the way.

Find out how Ixcela can help you achieve your goals.

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Why Ixcela?

What you measure matters.


Ixcela measures what’s
currently happening.

Unlike stool samples that simply tell you how much bacteria pass through your colon on any given day, the Ixcela test measures if the bacteria in your gut are doing their job to keep you healthy.


You get specific, actionable
results and guidance.

Ixcela is not your typical lab report. Easy-to-understand results help you identify what you need to do to improve your health.


No poop scooping.

Collecting your stool is, well, unpleasant. The Ixcela test uses about five drops of blood. It’s quick, mess-free, and you don’t have to wait for your body to be ready.

Your Gut Microbiome: The Most Important Organ You’ve Never Heard Of

Erika Ebbel Angle, PhD at TEDxFargo

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