Full-Picture Benefits

Powerful Screening Tool

A Powerful Frontline Screening Tool
When fully integrated into your practice, Ixcela represents a powerful frontline screening tool for patients experiencing a host of health concerns.

Ixcela Provider Advantages

Ixcela Provider Advantages

  • Help patients alleviate symptoms faster by focusing on the right things at the right time.
  • Get greater buy-in from patients using data to demonstrate how things like good sleep hygiene, adequate hydration, stress reduction, high-quality protein, and leafy greens make a difference.
  • Show patients that you believe in a holistic approach to their well-being.
  • Get the detail your team needs to answer questions about nutrition, supplements, mindfulness, and movement protocols.
  • Have the option to simply refer patients to a registered dietitian to give them personalized attention to address nutrition, supplement, mindfulness, and movement practices in detail.

Two Options to Becoming an Ixcela Provider

Refer Patients

Refer patients to Ixcela
for testing and results review sessions with our registered dietitian team. (We’re licensed in all 50 states.)

Train Your Team

Your team gets trained
on how to interpret results to offer results review sessions in your practice.

To learn more, please schedule time with one of our Ixcela provider experts.

Why is Ixcela Useful

Why Is Ixcela Testing Useful?
We understand that patients can only focus on one or two habit changes at a time. The question is: What do we need to focus on first to create the greatest impact on their health and symptoms? Is it something that they need to eat (or not eat)? Or is it that they need to prioritize restorative practices and sleep? Or do they need to move more and get sunshine?

Ixcela metabolite testing helps to inform which interventional techniques should be prioritized.

  • Do we need to address intestinal permeability or dysbiosis?
    Associated metabolites: IPA, ILA, IAA
  • Do we need to focus on getting key nutrients into their diets?
    Associated metabolites: TYR, TRP, SER, KYN, IDS, UA
  • Do we need to focus on reducing stress and inflammation?
    Associated metabolites: UA, XAN, 3MX, KYN, IDS

Having this data will allow your team to confidently recommend what your patients should focus on first to improve their health.

Ixcela Efficacy: From the Doctor’s Desk

J. Leon Morales-Quezada, MD, MSc, PhD, MPH., Director of the Integrative Rehabilitation Lab at Spalding Rehab Hospital and Instructor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School shares why he uses Ixcela testing.