Research Papers Relevant to the Ixcela Metabolites

Gut Health

Mental Health


Medication and Vitamin Absorption


Cardiovascular Health

Parkinson’s Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Kidney Disease

Liver Health

CNS Inflammation

Bone Metabolism


Ixcela Team Publications

The Ixcela science team is involved with ongoing research studies with UCLA, Duke University, ALS Institute, and has worked with dozens of other research institutions to publish various papers over the years. Here are just a few highlighted articles from our science team.

Liquid Chromatography Electrochemical Coulometric Array (Ixcela Technology)

Mental Health

Coronary Heart Disease


Ixcela scientists featured in 2021 cover story of Metabolomics

Metabolomics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering topics including whole metabolome analysis of organisms and metabolite target analysis, with applications within animals, plants, and microbes. Ixcela scientists published a study on the sex and race differences of cerebrospinal fluid metabolites in healthy individuals.

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Ixcela Report Citations

A list of each metabolite and recommendations listed in the Ixcela report can be found here.

Case Studies

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