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Why Choose Ixcela

Patient Health in Clear View
Ixcela’s patented testing brings a new dimension of patient care to clinical practices. By measuring the function of key metabolites related to health and wellness, physicians can gain a multifaceted look at how a patient’s gut microbiome is influencing their symptoms. Our testing provides physicians with precise values for 11 metabolites along with meaningful, actionable interventions to improve outcomes. As an added bonus, dietitian guidance, whether delivered by a practitioner or through Ixcela, gives patients the support they need to heal while also freeing up clinical time.

Ixcela Research Collaborations

Research Collaborations

Ixcela research comes from in-house experimentation (conducted with pharmaceutical partners like Pfizer, nonprofit organizations like NASA, and academic institutions such as Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Duke, and Mayo Clinic), peer-reviewed literature, and clinical studies conducted at other laboratories around the world.

Ixcela For Brain Health: From the Doctor’s Desk

Dr. Diana Martinez, MD, Ph.D., Co-Owner and Co-Director of Boston Neurodynamics shares how she uses Ixcela testing in her practice located in Boston, MA.

“Understanding an individual’s gut microbiome is often a missing piece of the puzzle. Ixcela’s metabolite profile clearly illustrates how an individual’s unique lifestyle, diet, medical history, genetics, and medications interact with their gut microbiome. Armed with this data, I can help my patients adapt, recover, and thrive to their best potential. Ultimately, the Ixcela test brings the big picture of a patient’s health into clear focus.”

Dr. Travis Wilkes, MD, Family Medicine and Primary Care

Founded by Trusted Scientists

Founded by Experienced Scientists
Co-founder Wayne Matson, Ph.D. has been pioneering metabolomic research for over 50 years. Considered the father of modern metabolomics, Matson invented the childhood lead testing methodologies adopted by the CDC in the 1970s and still used today. He is also the inventor of the analytical testing technology that enables Ixcela’s breakthrough functional gut health test. Wayne has hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and has collaborated with a “who’s who” of medical researchers, including scientists at NASA, Harvard, MGH, UCLA, and the Mayo Clinic.

Erika Angle, Ph.D. was Wayne’s student and her Ph.D. on metabolomic testing underlies Ixcela’s technology. Erika’s leadership and drive to make this technology broadly available to the public led to the founding of Ixcela. She has served as Ixcela’s CEO for more than a decade.

Ixcela vs. Standard Tests

Ixcela Other Tests
Data and support not available from standard labs Standard blood panel (Ex: Inside Tracker)
  • Ixcela tests a combination of 11 metabolites uniquely related to the health of the gut microbiome. Test results show how well the gut is functioning, not just which bacteria are present.
  • Ixcela dietitians personalize each patient’s program to improve health outcomes, based on test results, reported symptoms, and the patient’s lifestyle.
  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies are multifaceted problems and may reflect a gut microbiome problem.
  • Standard biomarkers don’t provide insight into how to alleviate chronic issues like bloating, fatigue, or food sensitivities.
Blood: The gold standard in consistency and accuracy Stool test (Ex: Viome, Biohm, GI-MAP)
  • The 11 metabolites Ixcela tests are well-studied, backed by scientific literature, and optimized by nutrition, supplements, exercise, and mindfulness practices.
  • Ixcela uses the most advanced technology to measure the functionality of the gut microbiome.
  • “Scoop” method of sample collection has accuracy challenges.
  • Nutrition interventions based on stool testing have many scientific challenges.
  • Tells what type of bacteria exited a patient’s body, not how well their gut is functioning.
Measurements in real time DNA test (Ex: DNAfit)
  • Ixcela helps deal with symptoms that are present now. Ixcela testing determines if a patient’s gut microbiome is damaged or imbalanced, if they’re missing key nutrients in their diet, and if their body is under high stress.
  • DNA tests can only show what the patient is predisposed to, not what’s currently happening.
  • DNA is about risk, not if that risk has materialized.