Chronic Conditions + Associated Metabolites

Intestinal permeability (leaky gut)

Indole-3-propionic acid (IPA)

Fatigue, Soreness, Inflammation

Uric Acid (UA)
Xanthine (XAN)
Kynurenine (KYN)
Indole-3-propionic acid (IPA)


Serotonin (SER)
Tryptophan (TRP)
Uric Acid (UA)

Energy Levels

Tryptophan (TRP)
Kynurenine (KYN)
Total Indoxyl Sulfate (IDS)
Uric Acid (UA)

Physical, Mental, Emotional Stress

Xanthine (XAN)
3-Methylxanthine (3MX)
Uric Acid (UA)
Total Indoxyl Sulfate (IDS)
Kynurenine (KYN)

Ixcela Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions for Chronic Conditions

No two plans are the same! In addition to customizing plans based on test results, our dietitians often make tweaks for our clients dealing with chronic conditions such as:

  • Removing foods that trigger inflammation or that you are sensitive to
  • Modifying diets like low FODMAP or autoimmune protocol (AIP) to simplify getting started
  • Suggesting easy breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas
  • Adjusting supplement routine and dosages
  • Identifying restorative practices that will target the symptoms you are feeling (poor sleep, pain, anxiety)
  • Offering creative hydration practices
  • Offering coffee alternatives for energy boosts in the afternoon
  • Providing recommendations to increase the quality and quantity of sleep
  • Recommending ways to include low-impact movement and exercise

Case Studies

Primary Symptom: Autoimmune Symptoms

Greg, an engineer, experienced extreme fatigue that left him falling asleep at his desk. He also struggled with insomnia, depression, weight fluctuations, and trouble focusing despite years of “trying everything” to manage his hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism symptoms.

His Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Uric acid below optimal
  • Kynurenine above optimal
  • Indole-3-propionic acid below optimal
  • Total indoxyl sulfate above optimal
  • Serotonin below optimal
  • Indole-3-lactic acid above optimal

After following his Ixcela plan for 90 days, Greg experienced:

  • 129% increase in days exercised
  • 77% fewer days with brain fog
  • 85% decrease in poor sleep

Primary Symptom: Perimenopause Symptoms

Becky dealt with poor sleep, low energy, and hot flashes at night that would affect her ability to focus at work and to exercise. This completely disrupted her day-to-day life and began to weigh on her mentally and emotionally as well. She came to Ixcela seeking a food-first approach to better manage her symptoms.

Her Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Total indoxyl sulfate trending above optimal
  • Tyrosine trending below optimal
  • Serotonin below optimal
  • 3-methylxanthine above optimal

After following her Ixcela plan for 90 days, Becky experienced:

  • 58% decrease in mental and emotional stress
  • 53% decrease in wakeful nights
  • 20% decrease in fatigue

Primary Symptom: High Cholesterol

Stephen came to Ixcela worried about his rising cholesterol and A1C (blood glucose) levels—issues that run in his family. He was also struggling to shed the 10 pounds he gained during the pandemic.

His Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Indole-3-propionic acid below optimal
  • Serotonin below optimal
  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Tyrosine above optimal

After following his Ixcela plan for 90 days, Stephen experienced:

  • 55% decrease in VLDL cholesterol levels
  • 16% increase in HDL cholesterol levels
  • 9% decrease in overall cholesterol levels
  • 57% decrease in triglyceride levels
  • 5% decrease in A1C
  • 10 lb. weight loss

Unlock a Healthier You: Lower Cholesterol, A1C, and Lose Weight

Before Ixcela, Stephen was struggling to shed the 10 lbs that he gained during the pandemic. He was also worried about his rising cholesterol and A1C levels, especially because these issues run in his family.


Ixcela testing frequency depends on your goals and symptoms. You can simply start with the Kickstart Assessment Program (a single test and 45-minute results review session with an Ixcela registered dietitian) to assess your current status and implement your action plan on your own.

If you’re experiencing chronic symptoms, you may find that a 90-day program with weekly check-ins and regular retesting is helpful to have more guidance and accountability. There's no obligation to enroll in a 90-day program. Your Ixcela dietitian will work with you to determine the best testing frequency based on your unique needs and goals.

Minimally, we recommend testing at least once a year to monitor your health and recalibrate your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations as your activity levels, stress, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle habits change.

Still unsure? Schedule a free consult with one of our registered dietitians to share your symptoms and goals.

No. Food sensitivities are often a symptom of a damaged or imbalanced gut. Ixcela testing and guidance from one of our registered dietitians will help you understand what may be the culprit behind symptoms related to food sensitivities.

No. Insurance does not cover Ixcela programs. If you have questions about FSA/HSA reimbursement eligibility, please speak to your doctor.

More questions? Check out our complete FAQ list.

“I have been able to take control of my gut health, lose 25 pounds, as well as go off of 2 of 3 medications I was on. I recommend Ixcela to all my friends and family as a step in becoming aware and reclaiming your health.”

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Bloating and
GI Issues

Reduce bloating, decrease cramping, alleviate constipation, reduce diarrhea, alleviate acid reflux

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Athletic Performance

Improve runner’s gut, address stomach issues, recover faster, reduce performance plateaus, fuel smarter

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Pain and Inflammation

Reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, improve recovery time, reduce risk of injuries

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Stress and Anxiety

Address mood swings, reduce stress, ditch burnout, end wired-but-tired cycles, improve mental clarity

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Low Energy
and Fatigue

Improve energy, reduce fatigue, boost motivation, increase stamina, tackle brain fog

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