Internal Fitness Explained

Damaged Gut vs Healthy Gut

The Gut Microbiome’s Impact on Health
Our bodies are complex structures—unique orchestrations of biochemistry and microbes. Every day we take in raw materials to support these systems and they, in turn, create the various building block molecules that keep us going. When a gut microbiome is healthy, it produces an assortment of building blocks that protect us from harm, maintain energy, and lift our mood. A damaged microbiome, on the other hand, creates a diminished, less diverse set of blocks, leaving the body more susceptible to health issues. Ixcela programs boost internal fitness by helping to create diverse building blocks, improving the way our bodies work and feel.

How the Microbiome Becomes Damaged

How the Microbiome Becomes Damaged
Maintaining a healthy gut in our modern world comes with challenges. Processed ingredients and preservatives in our foods, xenoestrogens, petrochemicals in the products we buy, antibiotics, and other medications we take damage the gut microbiome and interfere with our body’s ability to respond to stress. The cumulative effects of work, family, life demands, and other daily stressors further compound this damage. When harm to the microbiome overwhelms its ability to repair, the body sends out an SOS, resulting in symptoms such as pain, anxiety, bloating, and restless sleep.

Health Issues Ixcela Can Help

Bloating and
GI Issues

Reduce bloating
Decrease cramping
Alleviate constipation
Reduce diarrhea
Alleviate acid reflux

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Athletic Performance

Improve runner’s gut
Address stomach issues
Recover faster
Reduce performance plateaus
Fuel smarter

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Pain and Inflammation

Reduce inflammation
Alleviate pain
Improve recovery time
Reduce risk of injuries

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Stress and Anxiety

Address mood swings
Reduce stress
Ditch burnout
End wired-but-tired cycles
Improve mental clarity

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Low Energy
and Fatigue

Improve energy
Reduce fatigue
Boost motivation
Increase stamina
Tackle brain fog

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Chronic Conditions

Support hormones
Improve autoimmune symptoms
Reduce high cholesterol
Improve sleep

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