Low Energy + Associated Metabolites

Fatigue, Soreness, Inflammation

Uric Acid (UA)
Xanthine (XAN)
Kynurenine (KYN)
Indole-3-propionic acid (IPA)


Serotonin (SER)
Tryptophan (TRP)
3-Methylxanthine (3MX)

Energy Levels

Tryptophan (TRP)
Kynurenine (KYN)
Total Indoxyl Sulfate (IDS)
Uric Acid (UA)

Physical, Mental, Emotional Stress

Xanthine (XAN)
3-Methylxanthine (3MX)
Uric Acid (UA)
Total Indoxyl Sulfate (IDS)
Kynurenine (KYN)

Ixcela Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions for Low Energy and Fatigue

No two plans are the same! In addition to customizing plans based on test results, our dietitians often make tweaks for our clients dealing with fatigue and low energy such as:

  • Removing foods you dislike or are sensitive to
  • Suggesting easy breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas to meet nutrient needs
  • Adjusting supplement routine and dosages
  • Identifying which restorative practices will support rest
  • Recommending ways to balance exercise and rest days
  • Offering creative hydration practices
  • Offering coffee alternatives for energy boosts in the afternoon
  • Providing recommendations to increase the quality and quantity of sleep

Case Studies

Primary Symptom: Low Energy

Jon, a retired Navy SEAL commander, was experiencing low energy, poor sleep, and a lack of mental clarity. He found himself skipping meals, overconsuming caffeine, and resorting to fast food, which triggered irregular digestion, weight gain, and heartburn.

His Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Total indoxyl sulfate above optimal
  • 3-methylxanthine above optimal
  • Tryptophan trending below optimal

After following his Ixcela plan for 90 days, Jon experienced:

  • 29% increase in energy levels
  • 60% decrease in mental/emotional stress
  • 100% decrease in GI distress
  • 43% decrease in physical fatigue
  • 42% increase in hours of sleep per night

Primary Symptom: Physical and Mental Fatigue

Greg, an engineer, experienced extreme fatigue that left him falling asleep at his desk. He also struggled with insomnia, depression, weight fluctuations, and trouble focusing despite years of “trying everything” to manage his hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism symptoms.

His Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Uric acid above optimal
  • Kynurenine above optimal
  • Indole-3-propionic acid below optimal
  • Total indoxyl sulfate above optimal
  • Serotonin below optimal
  • Indole-3-lactic acid above optimal

After following his Ixcela plan for 90 days, Greg experienced:

  • 129% increase in days exercised
  • 77% fewer days with brain fog
  • 85% decrease in poor sleep

Primary Symptom: Fatigue and Stress

Although Becky felt that she was generally healthy, she had low energy, debilitating joint pain, and reduced motivation. Furthermore, she had been feeling “low,” and she had recently begun to struggle with brain fog, trouble managing daily stress, and reduced productivity at work.

Her Ixcela test results revealed:

  • Xanthine above optimal
  • Tyrosine trending below optimal
  • Total indoxyl sulfate trending above optimal
  • Serotonin below optimal
  • 3-methylxanthine above optimal

After following her Ixcela plan for 90 days, Becky experienced:

  • 20% decrease in fatigue
  • 53% decrease in wakeful nights
  • 58% decrease in mental and emotional stress
  • 100% decrease in days with brain fog

Transform Your Life: Increase Energy and Reduce Stress

Retired Navy SEAL commander, Jon, was experiencing stress and low energy which made it difficult to be the best father, husband, and athlete that he could be.


It depends on your testing results and your ability, capacity, and willingness to make shifts in your nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle habits. Your Ixcela registered dietitian will prioritize which recommendations to focus on first to start feeling better, faster. We’ve seen some clients begin to feel better in a week, while others needed a month of consistent habit change to feel the difference. Clients who experience the most success do a 90-day Ixcela program for extra guidance and accountability.

No. Depending on your Ixcela results, you may need to reduce caffeine intake, but we won’t take your coffee away. Ixcela registered dietitians do their best to accommodate your preferences, lifestyle, and ability/willingness to change during your session together so that the recommendations feel realistic to do consistently.

No. Food sensitivities are often a symptom of a damaged or imbalanced gut. Ixcela testing and guidance from one of our registered dietitians will help you understand what may be the culprit behind symptoms related to food sensitivities.

No. Insurance does not cover Ixcela programs. If you have questions about FSA/HSA reimbursement eligibility, please speak to your doctor.

More questions? Check out our complete FAQ list.

“I was really struggling with sleep and energy, and then Shelby (registered dietitian nutritionist) and the Ixcela team helped me make some small but powerful changes to my lifestyle and diet that solved those 2 big issues in my life. Can’t recommend this product enough! It works.”

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