Review of Ixcela Gut Microbiome Test

I Took a Microbiome Test to Check My Gut Health and the Results Were Fascinating

Alexia Dellner, PureWow

Review of Ixcela gut microbiome test

Alexia Dellner of PureWow uses Ixcela’s at-home blood collection kit to assess the health of her gut microbiome. With the Ixcela test, you can get a clear look at what’s going on inside your gut and learn how to make lifestyle changes to improve five areas of health: gastrointestinal fitness, immuno fitness, emotional balance, cognitive acuity, and energetic efficiency.

“I sent a blood sample (just a simple finger prick) to at-home microbiome test company Ixcela, and three weeks later, I received a detailed, 52-page report and personalized action plan covering five different categories.”

The author shares her personalized results in each of the five categories of health assessed by the Ixcela test and accompanying report.

“ someone who likes to geek out on health stuff, it was pretty interesting to get a better idea of what’s going on in there.”

Her test revealed that her gut scores were within healthy ranges, but with some room for improvement. Dellner briefly reviews Ixcela’s personalized, actionable recommendations for making simple diet and lifestyle changes to help her look and feel better.

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This article was originally published on May 29, 2018.