NECN interviews Erika Ebbel Angle

NECN CEO Corner: The Women Behind ZappRx and Ixcela

Brian Burnell, NECN

Part 1. The Women Behind ZappRx and Ixcela: Women enter the life sciences at the same rate as men, but only 20% are CEOs in this sector. What can be done to change this trend? In the first part of this interview, Ixcela co-founder Erika Ebbel Angle and ZappRx founder Zoe Barry talk with Brian Burnell of NECN about changing health care with technology and share their companies’ backgrounds and goals.


2. Women and the Challenge of Raising Venture Capital: Female entrepreneurs may find it challenging to raise capital. In the second part of this interview, Erika Angle and Zoe Barry discuss strategies to secure funding for business ventures. Angle says:

“You have to find a great set of mentors and people who can guide you, build a great team, and that helps to solve some of these things.”


3. Encouraging More Female Leadership in the Life Sciences: What will help more women become CEOs in the life sciences? In the third part of NECN’s interview, Erika Angle and Zoe Barry talk about the importance of encouraging and inspiring girls and women to pursue the life sciences as a career. Angle says:

“You almost have to start training those habits from a very young age, and obviously exposing them [girls] to wonderful role models, providing them with opportunity, whether there are internships or lessons, or fun programs, [or] camps…”

Although progress may seem slow, things are changing for women in the life sciences. Angle and Barry both express dedication to helping more women lead as scientists and entrepreneurs.


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This interview was originally published on on February 20, 2019.