ORACLE Bank on Gut Reaction in America's Cup

ORACLE Team USA partnered with Ixcela to boost their sailing performance by improving their individual internal health.

By Tessa Walsh, Reuters

“Sailors usually have cast iron stomachs, but in the quest to retain the America’s Cup, ORACLE Team USA are leaving nothing to chance.”

Reuters reports that ORACLE Team USA is using advances in gut-health science to maximize their athletic performance. Partnering with Ixcela and following individualized nutrition plans had a tremendous effect on ORACLE Team’s training and health.

“Improving their internal health has improved the number of days the team can sail and train and cut illness rates as they ramp up training in a bid to cut a 3-0 New Zealand lead.”

ORACLE Team’s results show that microbiome testing and following a personalized, microbiome-based nutrition plan benefits not only digestive health, but overall health and athletic performance.

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This article was originally published on June 23, 2017.