Performance from the Inside Out Series

The science behind gut health and performance

All forms of physical activity require energy to initiate, support, and sustain the movements. The energy to sustain life and for us to move around is derived from food. Our gut and gut microbes are directly and indirectly involved with food digestion, absorption and metabolism, and energy harvest and regulation.

Our gut with its resident microbiome regulates and influences numerous life functions including digestion, absorption, food metabolism, water and electrolyte uptake and balance, essential vitamin synthesis, energy harvest, use and homeostasis, immune response and inflammation, hormonal balance, stress response, brain function, emotions, and even social behaviors.

The fundamental and interconnected nature of these functions place gut function and gut microbes in the center of virtually all aspects of human physiology, including exercise physiology and sports performance.

This 13-part series dives into the mounting scientific evidence that demonstrates the significant yet previously unappreciated roles of gut function and gut microbes in physical activity and sports performance.

Let's begin.