Amanda Brown, RDN, LDN

Registered Dietitian and Ixcela Program Expert

Amanda helps to ensure that Ixcela clients are successful in their health journey by guiding them through nutrition and lifestyle strategies based on their Ixcela test results to target their individualized goals. She conducts results review sessions, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and also creates gut health-related educational content and training.

Amanda has experience working with a wide variety of clients to live symptom-free and specializes in working with clients to improve digestive issues like IBS, food sensitivities, bloating and irregular digestion. After struggling with her own digestive symptoms, she decided to further her education in functional medicine to dive deeper into the science of the gut microbiome.

Through her years of supporting clients, she has had the opportunity to support the launch of an online wellness platform and led the creation of various education modules, including topics like nutrition, gut health, exercise, mental health, and healthy cooking. She also built a gut health-focused nutrition coaching program from the ground up to support the success of her clients.

Amanda’s love for spreading nutrition awareness was exemplified in her studies at Kansas State University where she was among the first group of five students to volunteer in Guatemala for six weeks. She worked with indigenous women and children on the importance of nutrition, all while respecting their cultural food practices and financial limitations.

Amanda has experience in media and has been featured by her previous local news channel in Kansas City where she presented nutrition tips and healthy recipes to the public.

Amanda moved to the Boston area about a year ago with her fiance and her pup, Sage. She loves exploring the city and trying all of the best restaurants. She also loves to spend time experimenting in the kitchen - her newest hobby is baking homemade sourdough bread.