Kerri Rachelle

Registered Dietitian

Ixcela Registered Dietitian Kerri Rachelle supports our clients with gentle, client-centered guidance based on their Ixcela data. Her encouragement helps individuals integrate personalized, easy-to-follow advice into their daily routines so they can cultivate physical, mental, and emotional well-being and optimize their performance. She has comprehensive experience in using science-based methodologies to uncover why a client is sick or unable to reach their goals.

Kerri is a registered dietitian nutritionist, CSSD (certified specialist in sports dietetics), and functional medicine practitioner, pursuant of a PhD in integrative medicine. She received her education at the University of Virginia Medical School, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.

With sixteen years of experience in clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, and functional medicine, Kerri has helped a multitude of professional athletes and executives to optimize their performance. She sat with the Head, Neck and Spine Committee of the NFL at the Commissioner’s Meeting to gain insight into their process. From there, she developed a nutritional concussion protocol with a focus on healing and closing the blood-brain barrier more quickly to shorten recreational athletes’ return to play time post-concussion. At The Executive Institute in Charlottesville, she was able to increase government executives’ mental agility and productivity through one-on-one consultations and motivational presentations about nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and sleep.

Kerri is a lifelong athlete. She competed in the Junior Olympics and Division I collegiate gymnastics, and she was a Washington Commander’s cheerleader. Currently, she is a certified yoga and fitness instructor and an acrobat.

Kerri is proud to be raising an amazing son who is extremely easygoing, fun, athletic, and intelligent. She also shares her home with a chocolate Labradoodle, a Gordon Setter, a Standard Poodle (who does not seem to be standard in any way, shape, or form), three cats, two guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. Kerri aspires to someday add a goat named Bubbles, a pig named Mr. Waffles, and a chicken named Rainbow Sprinkles to her family. Her love for animals inspired her to create a self-paced, donation-based program that helps dog owners learn how to treat canine cancer naturally.