Kevin Hauge

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager Kevin Hauge focuses on creating a positive user experience for Ixcela’s customers—from their discovery of the Ixcela program through reviewing their test results and recommendations. He is responsible for building and optimizing Ixcela’s marketing strategy through the website, email, and social media.

Kevin began his career during the early stages of the internet, and he has been constantly adapting to changes and advances in technology ever since. With more than twenty years of marketing and website development experience, Kevin specializes in e-commerce optimization and online marketing strategies. His experience includes helping a $400,000 revenue e-commerce retail business grow into a multimillion-dollar company in the first five years. During the 2020 pandemic, Kevin cocreated a workflow to process a 368% increase in online transactions.

Because he spends most of his workdays in front of a computer screen, Kevin loves to spend his free time outdoors. Hiking and photographing beautiful landscapes in Utah’s national parks is one of his favorite pastimes. Despite a fear of heights, he can proudly say that he has reached the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. At home in Minnesota, Kevin enjoys playing in a co-ed volleyball league and spending time with his wife and two daughters.