Samantha Matson

Director of Research, Co-founder

Samantha Matson

Samantha Matson studied biology and chemistry at LIU.

She began her love of science as a 4 year old when her father would bring her to his lab on weekends. She officially began working in the research field in 1988, when she was offered an internship with Naval Blood Research studying artificial blood, hypothermia and oxygen transport and osmosis in red blood cells.

When she completed her internship she took a position in the field of breast cancer where she was an associate scientist developing a blood test for monitoring breast cancer patients in remission.

Samantha went on to do research under prominent scientists at Harvard University and Mass General Hospital in the field of heart muscle. She managed the labs and investigated the biochemistry and histology of electrical current on muscle cells and proteins and antibodies associated with muscle contraction and relaxation.

She has also worked as a clinical technician and research assistant at the Mayo Clinic in the Biochemical Genetics-Inborn Errors labs.

Samantha spent the last 14 years of her research career focusing on the biochemistry, histology and metabolomics of neurodegenerative diseases (HD, ALS, AD and cognitive disorders), gut function and heart-related disorders.

Samantha is a co-founder of Ixcela, and manages the day-to-day workings of the laboratory, has scientific input on long range research projects, test development and ongoing collaborative projects with Universities, Hospitals and NASA.