Wayne Matson, Ph.D

Chief Scientist and Co-founder

Wayne Matson, Ph.D

Dr. Wayne Matson is co-founder of Ixcela and serves as its Chief Scientist. He has been at the center of the field of metabolomics for 30 years. He holds a Ph.D. from M.I.T. and is considered a “father of modern metabolomics.”

Dr. Matson founded ESA Biosciences, Inc., one of the first Massachusetts-based biotech start-ups, in 1968. At ESA, he developed the leading global test for childhood lead poisoning, as well as tests for iron deficiency, separations research, and various novel diagnostics. He holds over 100 patents.

“One of the reasons I founded Ixcela was to bring years and years of research and technology out of the lab and into real, actionable diagnostics and therapeutics that can can help to create better health for all.

The “Metabolomic Network” is complex and still not fully defined by any one technology. However, there exist biomarkers reflecting metabolomic/genomic interactions and by testing and analyzing your gut microbiome/metabolome we can gain insight into what therapeutic actions can be taken to reduce chronic disease risk and create and maintain overall better wellness. That’s been my scientific passion and life’s work.”