YJ Tso

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer YJ Tso is committed to building a strong foundation of software and technology in order to responsibly and securely manage customers’ data, improve customer experience, optimize operations, and empower Ixcela’s scientific research and development—all in service to our customers and the advancement of health sciences.

YJ has more than twenty years of experience in the technology space. He has helped hundreds of millions of users by building scalable websites and software applications for enterprise and SMBs alike, in the areas of biotech, fintech, media and entertainment, marketing, data science, and more.

Among his many professional achievements, YJ recently led a team of data science software engineers in developing and deploying a machine-learning model that extracts business-critical data from healthcare policies with over 92% accuracy. He also helped architect the technology solution behind a fintech program to service 2.7 million users, one of the largest such programs in the Australian BNPL space.

Outside of work, YJ is a dad, an author, a songwriter, and an actor with more than seventy speaking credits in studio films and episodics. YJ played a key role as an open-source software developer in Antitrust, a movie with Tim Robbins, and subsequently got a job as an open-source software developer in real life. He is also a self-proclaimed foodie and amateur mixologist. Recently, he started making pottery, doing yoga, and occasionally playing DnD.