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Rebecca was overwhelmed with trying to manage her diabetes.


After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Rebecca came to Ixcela looking to improve her health. She struggled with terrible stomachaches and weight gain, and she felt overwhelmed and guilty because of her new medical status.

Rebecca was in her fifties and had a stressful job. She would often stay up late watching movies, which she considered her “me time.”

Most nights, she would go to bed after midnight. When she struggled to sleep, she would take Benadryl to make her feel drowsy and fall asleep. To avoid a blood sugar drop in the morning, she started eating peanuts immediately before going to bed.

Rebecca needed guidance on where to start first to support her long-term health.


Rebecca’s Ixcela results revealed that her serotonin levels were below optimal.

When serotonin is below optimal levels, it contributes to:

  1. Poor quality sleep (serotonin is connected to the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone)
  2. Emotional imbalances
  3. Low motivation
  4. GI distress


After meeting with the Ixcela dietitian to explain her results, Rebecca realized that her poor sleep habits were affecting her energy, digestion, and emotional well-being. Her first priority needed to be setting up a bedtime routine so she could get great sleep and start feeling better.


To get better sleep (and support Rebecca’s serotonin levels), Rebecca and the Ixcela dietitian brainstormed ideas that would work for her lifestyle. These simple changes would make a big impact:

  • To avoid screen time and falling asleep on the couch, Rebecca would start listening to podcasts one hour before bed.
  • To reduce GI distress, Rebecca would stop eating peanuts before bed and avoid snacking for two hours before bedtime.
  • To help keep her accountable, Rebecca would track her food intake and note how her blood sugar was affected by meals with carbohydrates.


When Rebecca stopped eating before bed, she started sleeping better and her stomachaches subsided. Once she started getting better sleep, her digestion became more consistent.

Rebecca’s second Ixcela test confirmed what she was feeling. Her serotonin levels had improved! Her improved sleep and her newfound energy helped her to exercise consistently. She was able to take time to prepare fiber-rich vegetables, which improved her blood sugar levels. Her blood sugar stabilized, and under the guidance of her doctor she was able to stop taking the medication she had needed to help control her blood sugar.

Note: Rebecca benefited from the Personalized Accountability Program with Dedicated Dietitian Support. This client's name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Here's what Rebecca said:

I knew gut health was something of interest but didn’t understand it. I had a “lack of exposure to gut health,” and I would have never found it if it weren’t for my brother.

The most helpful thing about Ixcela has been the connection with the dietitian, Rachel. She was able to talk through complex topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Health and nutrition have changed over the years, and it was always hard to know what was actually true.

I like the test because it gives me facts. Without the facts, we don’t have anything to measure the starting point and measure the success. It was great to see my scores change with intervention. The scores are the evidence that what you are doing is actually making a difference.

Support from the Ixcela team was also one of my favorite features. I wouldn’t have been able to make the changes myself. The dietitian helped me understand HOW to make the changes. For example, she offered suggestions and ideas for easy-to-prepare meals that were protein-dense.

I would recommend this service because I have seen a change in my personal eating habits and my blood sugars. I also have fewer stomachaches, and no longer wake up with a burning and upset stomach. I have gained a better understanding of what is important in my nutrition practices.


Note: Rebecca benefited from the Personalized Accountability Program with Dedicated Dietitian Support. This client's name has been changed to protect her privacy.
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