Internal Health

A properly balanced gut microbiome improves energy levels and mood, supports the immune system, and even helps to protect us from other health issues.

Why Is A Healthy Gut Microbiome Important?

Maintaining a balanced gut microbiome is critical for staying healthy.

Imbalances in the gut microbiome (called dysbiosis) have been associated with a wide spectrum of health issues.

People are complex systems, and optimal health is the result of having a healthy gut with the correct balance of biochemistry and microbes populating our bodies.

Gut health impacts:

How Is the Gut Microbiome Damaged?

Modern society is creating new health care challenges. Gut microbiome damage is caused by the:

Foods we eat

Foods we eat

Processed foods and

Products we use

Products we use

Xenoestrogens and

Medications we take

Medications we take

Antibiotics, statins, anti-diabetic medications, proton-pump inhibitors

Daily stresses

Daily Stresses

Work, family, and other
life demands

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What Does the Gut Microbiome Do?

Damaged gut

The gut microbiome processes the raw materials we need to support all systems in the body.

A damaged gut microbiome produces an improper balance of building blocks, which makes the body more susceptible to health issues.

A healthy gut microbiome produces a better balance of building blocks, which protects the body.

How Can Your Gut Microbiome Be Improved?

You can affect your gut health through nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments.



Assess current levels

Ixcela Internal Fitness™ products include a kit to collect a pinprick blood sample in the convenience of your home. Just mail us your sample in the prepaid envelope.

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Adjust lifestyle habits

Based on your results, Ixcela provides detailed recommendations of foods, exercises, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to improve the balance of your gut microbiome.

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Retest and monitor

After incorporating changes for a few months, retest to see how your gut health is affected. Continue to make adjustments to achieve optimal internal health.

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How Long Has Microbiome Science Been Around?

Gut microbiome science and research has been around for more than 40 years and is gaining traction as a key to optimal health.

Recently, there’s been a dramatic shift in the scientific community recognizing the gut microbiome as a crucial part of personal health. In 2016, five times the number of articles were published about gut microbiome than from 1978–2010. Dr. Wayne Matson, the co-founder and chief scientist of Ixcela, is considered the “father of modern metabolomics.”


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