Gut Microbiomes and Women in STEM

Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, CEO of Ixcela, Talks Microbiomes and Women in STEM

Interview by Francis Vigeant, KnowAtom.
Posted by Sara Goodman.

“When you say ‘research’, there's a reason why it's ‘research’, R-E-search because you have to do it more than once. It doesn't work out the first time.”

Ixcela CEO and co-founder Dr. Angle talks with KnowAtom CEO Francis Vigeant about microbiome health, crocodiles, entrepreneurship, and the importance of mentors who can inspire more women to pursue careers in STEM.

“How do you train the kids to embrace what's hard, then to do something to achieve something and then feel the pride that you feel after you've done something that's really hard?”

Erika shares how a sixth-grade English teacher became the catalyst for her love of science and her career in STEM, and why science role models are so important. She also offers some advice for how educators can nurture children’s curiosity and perseverance.

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This article was originally published on July 10, 2016.