Erika Angle interviewed in Precisione: The Healthcast

Using Metabolite Testing to Heal Your Gut

Host: Dr. Marvin Singh

Ixcela CEO and co-founder Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle talks with Precisione podcast host Dr. Marvin Singh, MD, about how personalized healthcare, including the Ixcela gut health test, is changing preventative care and health outcomes.

Dr. Angle discusses the purposes of different types of gut microbiome testing (e.g., blood tests, stool tests, and DNA tests) and shares information about metabolites and metabolomics. She explains how making personalized health interventions based on gut bacteria can improve individuals’ immune function, athletic performance, and overall wellness. The interview touches on intestinal permeability or “leaky gut” and other illnesses that can be improved through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Angle talks about how she and Ixcela co-founder Dr. Wayne Matson began to uncover the links between the gut and health/disease, and why they created a company based on gut microbiome health. She also shares success stories from Ixcela’s professional athlete clients and regular people who have used information about their gut to improve their overall health.

Ixcela resource mentioned in this interview: Gut Health Demystified

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