Gut Health Demystified

Uncovering what we know about gut health and why it matters

Even though we do not think of our gut or gut microbes often, they exert a profound influence on our overall health and well-being. In this comprehensive gut health guide, we'll cover gut health basics in the Feel (and Look) Good from the Inside Out; showcase what gut health has to do with exercise and sports performance in 3 Ways Exercise Affects the Gut and in Does Exercise Help Keep You Regular; find out how a short-term specific diet can alleviate gut discomfort in Resetting Your Gut Using A Simplified Low FODMAP Diet; review how your gut plays a role in weight management in Struggling to Lose Weight? Blame Your Gut.; and finally, how your gut is connected to your brain in Your Gut is Talking: Are you Listening?

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Lillian So Chan
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