Ixcela featured in Well+Good

The Surprising Fitness-Gut Health Connection that Could Take Your Workout to The Next Level

By Emily Laurence, Well+Good

Being fit on the outside doesn’t mean you’re fit on the inside. Biochemist and Ixcela co-founder Erika Angle PhD talks with Well + Good’s Emily Laurence about maximizing athletic performance and immune function with personalized gut-health regimens.

“...There’s a way to figure out which types of foods can help you improve your personal exercise performance thanks to new research by biochemist Erika Angle, PhD, who’s spent the past several years obsessively studying gut health.”

Erika shares three key findings from Ixcela’s success with American yachting team ORACLE Team USA, who improved their combined athletic performance 48% by following Ixcela’s individualized, microbiome-based nutrition plans. Learn how individuals can apply her findings to their own wellness.

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This article was originally published on October 24, 2017.