Training when sick or injured should not be "normal."

Training when sick or injured should not be "normal."

Get Sick Less Often

Olympic marathon hopeful Paul came to Ixcela sick, tired, and injured. Paul was battling colds 13 days out of every month, and it was affecting the quality of his workouts. After testing with Ixcela, he worked with an Ixcela Registered Dietitian for 90 days to implement targeted recommendations.

    Frequent illness can be related to:

    A damaged or leaky gut

    Inadequate nutrients

    Not enough protein

    Poor sleep quality

    Too much stress

    Not enough recovery

    How do you know what to do?

    Ixcela programs use testing to identify the problem. Then, an Ixcela Registered Dietitian explains your data and prioritizes your food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on your goals and your willingness to change. No more guesswork!

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    Schedule a free, private 15-minute Zoom call with an Ixcela registered dietitian to find out if Ixcela is a good fit for you.

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    Here's how Ixcela has helped other athletes

    Paul wanted to qualify for the Olympics, but missing training days due to illness was interfering with his goal.
    Professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano struggled with chronic inflammation and recovery after races.
    Professional sailing team Oracle USA needed to reduce sickness so their athletes would be available for training.

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    Ixcela can help with more than just reducing sickness.

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