Which Gut Health Test is Right For You?

How do you know which test is right for you? It depends on what you want to accomplish.

Your Goal Ixcela
(Non-Diagnostic Blood Test)
Diagnostic Stool Test
(Ex. GI-MAP)
Non-Diagnostic Stool Test
(Ex. Viome, BIOHM)
Non-Diagnostic IgG Food Sensitivity Test
(Ex. Everlywell)
Blood & Genetic Test
(Ex. Inside Tracker)
I want to reduce my GI distress during athletic performance.
I want to improve my recovery times after exercise or athletic performance.
I want to reduce inflammation.
I want to improve my sleep quality.
I want to get sick less often.
I want to figure out if I’m eating too much or too little protein.
I want to figure out if I’m drinking too much caffeine.
I want to find out if I’m doing too much cardio or weight lifting.
I want to identify which supplements my body needs. ✅ * ✅ *
I’m looking for personalized nutrition recommendations. ✅ * ✅ *
I’m looking for an expert to guide me on what my test results mean and exactly what I need to do—as part of the testing experience. ✅ **
I want to take actions to improve my health based on my results— without seeing a doctor.
I want to know if I have an imbalance in my gut.
I’m looking for a diagnostic test to help me determine if I have parasites or pathogens in my stool.
I want to identify and understand which microbes are in my stool.
I’m looking to diagnose SIBO.

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* While these types of tests claim to provide personalized nutrition recommendations, the scientific community has identified fundamental shortcomings and reliability issues with stool and IgG tests providing nutrition and supplement information.

** Not all practitioners are trained on how to interpret these test results.

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