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Overcoming Obstacles: Runner’s Gut, Performance Plateaus, Injuries, and Bonking

  • Has your race performance plateaued?
  • Are you dealing with a runner’s gut?
  • Are you frequently sick or battling injuries?
  • Are you looking to find the perfect nutrition and race-fueling plan?

Learn why athletes like 2022 Ironman World Champion Chelsea Sodaro, along with Sarah True, Ben Kanute, Sarah Piampiano, Ben Hoffman, Dominique Scott, Parker Stinson, and Robbie Balenger are using Ixcela to overcome these common challenges.

This free 20-minute webinar will detail how Ixcela programs work and how Ixcela can help you feel better and race faster.

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Ixcela’s technology

Ixcela’s technology and programs are designed to help runners and triathletes optimize their performance from the inside out.

We’ve worked with elite athletes such as 4x Ironman Champion Sarah Piampiano to reduce chronic inflammation and alleviate GI distress during training. We even worked with Sarah during her pregnancy and post pregnancy as she returned to professional racing.

We’ve also helped Oracle Team USA professional sailors reduce sickness and increase their days gained for training by 54%.