A Scientific Approach to Feeling Great

Ixcela has developed a method to help you achieve optimum health through an Internal Fitness™ program customized to your body.

Join Ixcela to Improve Your Internal Health

Ixcela Complete

You have the capacity to optimize your health.

Choose the plan that works best for you. Changing your internal health takes time and consistency. Our Ixcela Complete plan includes simple steps and targeted supplements based on your results.

Typically, our clients see the most dramatic results six months into the program.

Get your personalized program of recommended supplements, lifestyle and dietary tips, fitness plans, and progress tracking.

Choose the Plan that Works Best for You

Ixcela Assess

  • Gut Microbiome Test Kit

  • Internal Fitness™ Report & Profile

  • Free Shipping within the US

    (For international customers, an up-front shipping fee for the kit will be added at the time of purchase.)

Ixcela Complete (6-Month Subscription)

  • 3 Gut Microbiome Test Kits

  • 3 Internal Fitness™ Reports & Profiles

  • Progress Tracking

  • Dietary & Internal Fitness™ Recommendations

  • Personalized Fitness Training Plan

  • Personalized Feeding Plan & Nutrition Guidance

  • 6-Month Supply of Personalized Ixcela Supplements

  • A 6-month subscription to WellnessOptions Journal

  • Free shipping within the US

    (For international customers, an up-front shipping fee for the kits will be added at the time of purchase.)

What happens after I join Ixcela Complete?

A Personalized Monthly Regimen of
Natural Supplements Is Included

Take supplements that your body actually needs.

In addition to guidance on improving your gut health by eating certain foods, and doing certain exercise, your test results also provide supplement recommendations.

Our Internal FitnessTM supplements and probiotics are included in our subscription cost and are specifically formulated and customized with dosages for your unique profile. Ixcela supplements are produced at an FDA registered, GMP compliant facility and contain no harmful fillers. They are vegetarian and not tested on animals.


I found the test kit to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive. The information I received back from Ixcela was comprehensive, yet easy to follow. I can’t wait to take the test again, to see if I made any noticeable improvements!