How you present yourself affects your career and your overall well-being.

How you present yourself affects your career and your overall well-being.

Improve mood and focus

When Cynthia came to Ixcela, she was stressed and she felt an unusual amount of agitation toward others. She was losing focus at work and she felt so burnt out that her happiness—and her job—were on the line.

Cynthia tested with Ixcela and then worked with an Ixcela Registered Dietitian for about three months. After implementing a few changes to her nutrition and bedtime routines, she began to sleep better and her mood improved.

Low mood and brain fog could be caused by:

A damaged or leaky gut

Inadequate nutrients

Hormone changes

Not enough protein

Poor sleep quality

Too much stress

Find out what your body needs

Although it may sound simple, changing how you eat, drink, sleep, or move can profoundly improve your mood and mental sharpness.

For example, one of the metabolites that Ixcela tests is called tyrosine. Tyrosine comes from protein, and it is converted into compounds such as dopamine (a motivation driver) and adrenaline (the fight-or-flight hormone). Too much tyrosine may cause feelings of anxiousness. Too little tyrosine may decrease your drive and your ability to focus.

How do you know what to do?

Ixcela programs use testing to identify the problem. Then, an Ixcela Registered Dietitian explains your data and prioritizes your food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on your goals and your willingness to change. No more guesswork!

Chat with a Dietitian

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our registered dietitians to find out if Ixcela is a good fit for you.

Here's how Ixcela has helped our clients

Busy pilot Daniel needed to clear his brain fog and boost his energy.
Cynthia was on the verge of burnout and was considering a leave of absence before Ixcela.
Juan's mood was influenced by past concussions during his time as a football player.

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Ixcela can help with more than just your mood and focus.

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